ITX360 - Cloud Cost Optimization

Whether planning a move to the cloud or looking to optimize your current cloud spend, our methodical approach to cost management can make a crucial difference in your long term cloud commitment.


Scenarios & Questions to Consider.

Planning a move to the cloud.
  • How does your current footprint map to the cloud? How much should you be spending on each cloud vendor over a 1, 3, or 5 year period? Mapping each resource to the cloud, and performing a detailed cost assessment is critical to determining how much you should budget. Exploiting transformation, consolidation and right-sizing opportunities is key to optimizing the overall spend. Furthermore comparing pricing across cloud vendors is difficult due to differences in services and technical specifications.
  • Performing a detailed mapping across various vendors (AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI, others) is a necessary activity to enable you to compare the costs and budget accordingly. It’s also a crucial input for cloud contract negotiation.
  • Comparing cloud vendors and pricing is difficult due to differences and services and technical specifications.
  • Once you are equipped with the details and cost assessments, and have a clear picture of what you expect to use, you are ready to tackle the contract negotiation and procurement process.
Already in the cloud.
  • Are you using cloud services inefficiently? How does this feed into your renewal or future strategy? Each cloud vendor has a different set of services and options, and ensuring efficient usage across any cloud is difficult. 
  • Reducing ongoing spend is not a simple case of reviewing the monthly bill and eliminating resources. Knowing how much you should be spending is the first crucial step – followed by a methodical review of ongoing spend line items.
  • With ongoing usage assessments and routine comparisons with other cloud vendors, you will have a clear idea of how much you can save on the existing deployments, and/or by switching to other vendors – perhaps in a hybrid, multi-cloud approach.
  • With our approach, you will know how much you should be spending, and then have the tools and data to bridge the gap between how much you are spending.


Our Approach – In a Nutshell.
We have a four step process for helping our clients with reducing and optimizing their cloud spend.

“Paint a target”
  • As a first step, we perform an independent analysis of how much should be spending for any leading cloud vendor.
  • We do this using our proprietary cloud mapping tools that enable us to map your existing deployment to any cloud vendor; we can run countless mapping scenarios to simulate your mapping and pricing.
  • This will give us the target spend – the amount you should be spending if cloud deployments were efficient.
Analyze Current Spend
  • Once you know how much you should be spending, we analyze how much you are spending. Our analysis inspects your current spend for over-spending and inefficient cloud usage. This is done using cloud usage reports, bills, invoices, etc.
  • We will have discussions with the appropriate technical and business personnel to understand the overall cloud strategy, current implementations and roadmap. 
Bridge the Gap
  • Once equipped with an independent analysis of how much you should spend and how much you are spending, we can begin a methodical exercise to bridge the gap.
  • We will perform a detailed resource-by-resource assessment, as well as invoice/bill line item review to bridge the gap, optimize your spend and reduce your overall cloud cost.
  • We will round out our assistance with appropriate vendor management advisory, including tactical negotiation support with the cloud vendors.


Our capabilities cover the major cloud vendors, including: AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud (OCI), Linode and Digital Ocean. When scanning on-premise infrastructure, our capabilities include all major infrastructure types, including: physical servers, VMware, Hyper-V, Nutanix, IBM LPARs, HP partitions, Oracle/Solaris Zones/OVM/OLVM, among others.

Discovery and Scoping.

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