Oracle Compliance & Optimization

Don’t get caught by surprise when it comes to Oracle licensing. Without a clear picture of your use of Oracle software and your entitlement of Oracle licenses, you have two things to worry about:

  • Being non-compliant. Your usage of Oracle software may be in excess of what you are entitled to use. Aside from violating your contractual obligations, you may be putting yourself in a position of unplanned financial exposure should an audit be performed by Oracle and you be found to out of compliance, requiring you to buy more licenses and/or pay back-usage fees.
  • Over-spending on Oracle software. Purchasing excess licenses and paying annual support for the surplus licenses can be very expensive and a hidden drain on your IT budget. Knowing exactly what your team needs and actually uses can be crucial in helping reduce this spend.
With the Compliance Check and Optimization service from Redwood Compliance, we combine two key deliverables crucial to any Oracle customer:
  • Step 1. Compliance check. This step will establish a baseline of your Oracle compliance picture. The step will:
    • Quantify deployment of Oracle software across your organization. This will be done in light of Oracle contractual definitions and our expert knowledge of important factors like metric definitions, virtualization/partitioning, DR/standby, and others.
    • Quantify your full inventory of Oracle licenses. This includes reviewing your order and support documents, assessing contractual terms, and tallying up your entitlement for the different products.
    • Reconcile your deployment of Oracle software against your inventory for Oracle software licenses to identify any gaps or surpluses.
  • Step 2. Optimizing your license inventory. For any license gaps or surpluses noted in the compliance check, we will advise on the most efficient and cost effective courses of action. We will also identify surpluses that may be ripe for migration and/or support termination to reduce your cost.

Discovery and Scoping.

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