ITX360 - IT Cost Optimization

Effective IT spend management is not a simple exercise in cost-cutting. The hallmarks of a well crafted IT spend and cost management strategy are:

    • Optimization and utilization of current and planned spend.
    • Minimizing cost on an on-going basis.
    • Alignment of IT spend with the organization’s strategy.
    • Informed future planning.

Our Approach.

Our ITX360 consulting service delivers on the promise of optimization and cost control with a three-phased approach: 

Identify IT spend.
  • Quantify and allocate all IT spend.
  • Calculate TCO for each area of spend.
Utilization & alignment assessment.
  • Calculate estimated ROI.
  • Assess relevant factors like alignment with need, usage, requirements, user satisfaction, etc.
  • Calculate Spend Quality Score (SQS). Assess and score applicable criteria on objective and subjective criteria.
  • Determine dependencies between different areas of spend.
Optimization recommendations and initiatives.
  • Deliver optimization recommendations and document cost reduction initiatives.
  • Score and rank initiatives and recommendations based on applicable criteria, including potential benefits, initiative cost, potential “hard savings”, potential “soft savings”, upstream/downstream impacts, time requirement, business impact, and other factors.

In addition to the above, we will also assist with designing and deploying guidelines and frameworks to enable on-going IT cost optimization.


Each engagement is unique. Our ITX360 service can be narrowly focused on specific areas, or broadly across all IT spend. Typical areas of IT spend we assist with include, but are not limited to:

    • On-premise software.
    • Cloud: PaaS / IaaS / SaaS.
    • On-premise and data center hardware.
    • Recurring hardware and software support.
    • IT Security.
    • Hosting, Infrastructure and DR.
    • IT professional services. 

Discovery and Scoping.

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