Microsoft License Management


Microsoft is a major investment.

For any organization, Microsoft licenses and subscriptions represent a major area of investment. Expert procurement advice can make a crucial difference in the long-term TCO and ROI.

Our Microsoft licensing team consists of former license auditors from Big 4 Accounting firms.

Microsoft audits are common place. Our team of former auditors can help you navigate the intricacies of Microsoft contracts while mitigate compliance risks.
Oracle license audits are complicated. Our team of ex-Oracle auditors can help.
Microsoft License Compliance, Optimization & Advisory.
With so many different agreement types and an ever-growing product offering, Microsoft represents a large and important strategic investment for most companies. Yet, the twin risks of license compliance and over-spending on Microsoft are often over-looked by too many companies. Whether you are choosing between different Microsoft agreement types, unsure of your current usage and compliance, or weighing going all-in on Azure, our team of experts can make a crucial difference.
Our comprehensive Microsoft license management service covers all aspects of the Microsoft ownership lifecycle, including:
  • Procurement planning, selecting the right agreement type and more.
  • License compliance and optimization assessments.
  • Guidance and advise on your long term Microsoft strategy.
Microsoft License Audit Defense.
While not as aggressive and punitive as audits from Oracle or Quest, Microsoft audits are nonetheless a reality. Due to the complexities of Microsoft licensing and conditions of deployments, these audits can present large unexpected compliance findings.
Irrespective of the phase of the audit, Redwood Compliance’s team of ex-Deloitte and KPMG licensing experts can provide crucial assistance and help reduce the total cost of resolution.

Discovery and Scoping.

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