In the third installment, we will cover two articles I wrote for the NoCOUG Journal.

In the first article, we do a deep-dive into Oracle’s licensing policy on licensing in third party cloud environments. We discuss the “Approved” and not-approved cloud vendors, Oracle programs covered by the Policy, and the implications for companies with ULA agreements.

“Oracle Licensing in the Cloud-Part III”, November 2017 (Pages 10-13)

The second article is devoted entirely to Oracle Cloud. We discuss BYOL and on-premise to Oracle Cloud license calculations, and take a high-level look at Oracle’s PaaS/IaaS/SaaS offerings (though since the writing of the article, Oracle has changed up the Oracle Cloud offerings, with new and/or renamed services). We also discuss the importance of the key contracts (the Cloud Services Agreement), cloud metrics and definitions, and key considerations around value and compliance when moving to Oracle Cloud.

“Oracle Licensing in the Cloud-Part IV”, February 2018 (Pages 14-17)

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