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If you received an Oracle license audit notice, or are in the middle of an Oracle license audit, or are in the final negotiation phase of an Oracle audit, contact us immediately for a consultation.
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With our experience and expertise, we can reduce resolution costs at any stage of the audit.


There is an 80% chance that you are non-compliant...and Oracle knows that.

Oracle licensing is complicated and ensuring compliance without expert support is nearly impossible. Getting help from “IT consultants” is not sufficient.

Customers that seek expert licensing advice are able to reduce their resolution cost in over 90% of the cases.

We can do this because we have in depth knowledge of how Oracle works internally, including the auditors’ weaknesses.

Our Oracle audit defense team consists exclusively of former Oracle license auditors.

We know how to push back against unreasonable requests & conclusions, and clinically dissect final reports and challenge findings.

We are independent of Oracle

We are neither Oracle partners nor resellers, so we focus exclusively on our clients’ best interests.
Did you just receive the dreaded audit notification letter from Oracle’s License Management Services (LMS)? Are you in the middle of an Oracle audit? Are you negotiating a resolution? Irrespective of the phase of the audit, Redwood Compliance’s team of ex-Oracle LMS experts can provide crucial assistance.
Oracle performs license audits for several reasons, but the end goal is simple – to get more money out of Oracle’s existing customer base.
An Oracle license audit can be intimidating and difficult. You will be asked to provide data; you may be informed of contractual terms and interpretations that may be new and unheard of, and may not even be defensible in court. Throughout the process, you will not have control of the situation. For the most part, things will likely not go in your favor (there is a roughly 80% likelihood that you will be found “out of compliance”).
Our team of ex-Oracle LMS personnel is what you need on your side. The Redwood Compliance response will accomplish the following:
Put you back in control of the license audit.
Assist you in assembling the appropriate response team and response plan.
Help you understand the contractual terms and definitions, as opposed to the auditors dictating the terms to you.
Perform a rapid self-audit so you are aware of the situation before Oracle presents a bill. This includes assessing your deployment of Oracle software, as well as your inventory of Oracle licenses.
Educate you on important topics like virtualization, Backup & DR, matched metrics, support levels, and others that can have a significant impact on your compliance position.
Push back against unreasonable requests and conclusions made by the auditors.
Closely support you in the final negotiation phase with Oracle. Once the audit is completed, the auditors will present you with a final report and (usually) a large bill. We will leverage our experience and intimate knowledge of Oracle contracts and put you in control of the negotiation and work to reduce your cost of resolving the audit.

In addition to the above, we will also w
ork with you to develop better asset management practices for your Oracle software and also help you implement a self-assessment program to maintain compliance in your use of Oracle software.

Discovery and Scoping.

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