With 2020 out of the way, it’s as good a time to plan for the likely Oracle audit wave of 2021. While IT departments have focused on cost savings and optimization during 2020, Oracle license audits were on the back burner in the minds of many. We expect that to change in 2021.

Oracle’s overall struggles to challenge the cloud leaders, coupled with the high ROI Oracle gets on license audits means it likely that the audit tactic to push customers to Oracle Cloud will continue.

The common drivers for license audits that customers can be vigilant for include: lack of recent Oracle procurement, moving to third-party clouds like AWS and Azure, deploying Oracle in VMware, and many others.

As always, taking a proactive approach to managing license compliance means you will be ready for an Oracle audit.

At Redwood Compliance, we use proprietary audit tools and methodologies that are designed to mimic the quality and rigor of those used by Oracle’s actual auditors.

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