Oracle ULA Service


Oracle ULAs can be very beneficial...only if done right

Not getting it right can lead to millions in missed value. Planning and executing it correctly requires expert knowledge.

Oracle ULA lifecycle management is crucial.

Getting the best value out of a ULA requires careful planning and execution through out the ULA lifecycle.

Oracle wants you to renew your ULA.

Almost always, Oracle will want you to renew your ULA. Our ex-Oracle experts will keep you in control of the process.

Maintaining compliance is not as easy as you think.

“Unlimited” sounds like a good idea, but there are several pitfalls that make compliance difficult and elusive.
With Oracle’s Unlimited License Agreements (ULAs), you stand to gain or lose a lot. Whether you are in the negotiation, renewal, or certification phase, or if you simply want to optimize an existing or planned ULA, it’s crucial to have seasoned ex-Oracle experts on your team. We will make sure you understand the implications of a ULA commitment and get the best value out of it throughout the lifecycle. Furthermore, Redwood Compliance is independent of Oracle. We are neither an Oracle partner nor reseller, so we focus exclusively on our clients’ best interests.

Our Oracle ULA Service covers the entire lifecycle of the ULA. Our ULA Services includes the following:

Planning phase.
Assessing current usage to get a baseline.
Calculating and projecting future usage to determine if a ULA is a good choice, and if so, the optimum pricing.
Providing licensing expertise around the ULA contracting process, and ensuring that the terms are favorable to our clients and fully understood.
Flight phase.
Providing close support and assistance throughout the ULA term, including management advice and ways to best optimize the ULA. Our intimate knowledge and expertise of Oracle and Oracle’s License Management Services (LMS) means we can provide expert advice on how to extract the maximum value of a ULA while being fully compliant with agreements.
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Leveraging the ULA contractual definitions to get the best value out of the ULA.
Performing a detailed value assessment of the ULA and actual usage and identifying ways to course-correct to maximize the value of the ULA investment.
Performing an internal audit to confirm you are not using any products not in your ULA or outside of your ULA terms.
Engaging several months prior to the ULA end date and performing a detailed counting up of actual usage across all environments and products to determine certification numbers to be certified to Oracle at the end of the ULA.
Terminal phase.
Support with ULA assessment from LMS. In some situations, customers work closely with Oracle for certification of their usage. This assessment process, which includes completion of spreadsheets (“GDRs”), and often times running of scripts as well, can be very time consuming for the customer and has inherent uncertainties involved. The process is essentially a lightweight “friendly audit” that can expose many areas of non-compliance. Our assistance with this process will keep you ahead of the curve, remove uncertainty and keep you in control of the ULA assessment process.
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If renewing ULA, we can help calculate future usage, expected value and the overall strategic benefit of going down the ULA route again. We will assist with establishing a negotiation strategy that keeps you in control of the discussion with Oracle and delivers the best value going forward.
Post ULA.
If ULA was renewed, we can assist with developing a go-forward plan and timeline to optimize the ULA investment.

Audit defense against an Oracle license audit. Sometimes if things do not go according to Oracle’s plans, Oracle may leverage license audits (or a threat of license audits) to close a favorable ULA deal or renewal. Our Audit Defense service is always available to deal with that outcome as well.

ULAs can have significant cost benefits if done correctly. Maintaining full control of the ULA lifecycle is important. Our ULA service can be customized and targeted to suit any stage of the ULA lifecycle.

Discovery and Scoping.

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