Oracle ULA in Third Party Clouds - How We Can Help

Oracle ULA - Unlimited License AgreementThe emergence of public cloud options like Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure, and Google Google Cloud Platform (GCP), among others, have opened up a host of opportunities for Oracle customers. Speed, flexibility, and optimization avenues offered by such platforms potentially allow Oracle ULA customers go extract better value out of their ULA.

The topic of Oracle licensing in cloud environments, however, is often misunderstood and surrounded misinformation and non-contractual policies. For customers with Oracle ULA agreements, moving to the cloud offers an excellent opportunity to optimize their deployments and their investment in their Oracle ULAs. However, incorrect understanding of Oracle licensing can lead to missed opportunities and the assumption of unknown compliance risks.

For any Oracle ULA customer, the planning around moving to the cloud should not be treated in isolation from the overall ULA management strategy. The value and and compliance conversations should be had with the overall ULA plan in mind, and should give consideration to whether the customer plans to renew or certify the ULA, along with the ULA remaining term.

Important Questions
Oracle’s traditional, on-premise licensing model has not changed for many years. In the era of the cloud, customers are left with relying on their Oracle agreements to figure out how to weave their cloud strategy into their ULA management. Some of the important questions that Oracle ULA customers should ask themselves include:

  • What do your ULA and non-ULA Oracle contracts say about licensing in the cloud?
  • What rights and limitations, if any, are defined by your ULA agreement?
  • If you move your ULA deployments to the cloud, how do you correctly count usage?
  • If renewing your ULA, how do you correctly perform a value assessment that covers your cloud deployments? This is crucial to help with your ULA renewal negotiation.
  • If certifying your ULA, how do you deal with Oracle’s auditors?
  • Can Oracle deny you credit for ULA deployments? How do deal with such a scenario?
  • Are you obligated to provide details on your cloud deployments as part of your ULA certification?
  • How can choices between shared tenancy and dedicated hosting in the cloud impact your overall ULA strategy?

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Let’s Have a Conversation
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