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To deal with Quest’s license auditors, you need former license auditors on your side.

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If you received a Quest license audit notice, or are in the middle of a Quest license audit, or are in the final negotiation phase of a Quest audit, contact us immediately for a consultation.
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With our experience and expertise, we can reduce resolution costs at any stage of the audit.


Quest license audits are on the rise.

Within the last two years, Quest Software has built up a large team of dedicated license auditors that aggressively pursues license compliance revenue from existing Quest customers.


Quest's invasive and intrusive audit methodologies are dangerous for the unprepared.

Without careful Quest audit defense, customers risk providing unnecessary evidence in the form of data that Quest can leverage in court.


Our audit defense team consists of former license auditors from Big 4 Accounting firms.

We have the experience to defend against audits, handle unreasonable requests, and challenge findings with precision.


Audit defense is what we do.

Our team of former Deloitte and KPMG auditors are your best hope for resolving a Quest license audit favorably.

Over the last few years, Quest Software has built up a sizable software license compliance program. As of late, their approach has become increasingly aggressive and unforgiving. Their approach involves using tools and methodologies most customers do understand and extract sensitive that can be used to leverage substantial compliance findings and as evidence in court.
Like any software license audit, the key to managing the audit from customer’s perspective is to maintain control of all aspects of the audit, from day one. Yet, for most companies, managing software audits is not a common practice and are typically not prepared for a methodical audit defense.
Irrespective of the phase of the audit, Redwood Compliance’s team of ex-Deloitte and KPMG licensing experts can provide crucial assistance and help reduce the total cost of resolution.
Our methodical approach is designed to accomplish the following:

Put you back in control of the license audit.

Assist you in assembling the appropriate response team and response plan.

Help you understand the contractual terms and definitions, as opposed to the auditors dictating the terms to you.

Review the Quest auditors’ audit tools and methodologies to ensure a fair assessment is going to be performed while guarding against excess data collection.

Review all data before it goes out to the auditors and ensure you have a firm understanding of its implications.


Push back against unreasonable requests and conclusions made by the auditors.


Closely support you in the final negotiation phase with Quest. We will leverage our audit defense experience and put you in control of the negotiation and work to reduce your cost of resolving the audit.

Post-audit, we will also w
ork with you to develop better asset management practices for your Quest software and also help you implement a self-assessment program to maintain compliance in your use of Quest software.

Discovery and Scoping.

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