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Redwood Compliance LLC is a California-based firm specializing in IT Cost Management, Software License Management and License Audit Defense.


We are independent of all major software vendors. This independence allows us to focus on our core mission - helping our clients reduce IT cost, optimize spend, and align IT spend with the overall strategy.


Our Services


Our Oracle License Services

Compliance Check & Optimization

Discover your compliance risks and ways to optimize your Oracle license inventory with a single service from Redwood Compliance. Think of it as a “dry run audit” to reduce compliance risks while optimizing and reducing licensing costs.

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Audit Defense Service

License audits are on the rise and Oracle’s audit steps are complex. We will put you ahead of the curve and in control of the process. With our rapid self-audit and engagement management expertise, we will minimize your audit resolution cost while making sure you remain compliant.

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ULA Service

Whether you are considering a new ULA, certifying or renewing one, or are in the middle of a ULA audit by Oracle, our 360° ULA Service has you covered through out the ULA lifecycle. With our expertise, you will get the best value out of the ULA while maintaining compliance.

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Contracts & General Advisory

Oracle contracts are complicated. Whether you are going through a merger or have general questions about Oracle licensing or simply want a better understanding of your Oracle agreements, we can help. We can tailor the advisory discussion to any need.

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Not sure which service is right for you?

Oracle licensing is complicated and can pose any number of challenges. Contact us for a free, no-commitment consultation. We can tailor our service offerings based on the specific needs of our clients. Reach out to us for a consultation.

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